Someone You Used To Know

by Wylie Hunter & The Cazadores

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released March 31, 2012

Produced by Jeff Crawford & James Wallace
Mixed by Jeff Crawford, except "Wake Me Up, Brother" and "Again" mixed by James Wallace
Mastered by Nick Petersen at Track and Field Recording, Chapel Hill, NC
All songs written by Wylie Hunter
With Arrangements by The Cazadores
Recorded at Arbor Ridge Studios, Chapel Hill, NC



all rights reserved


Wylie Hunter & The Cazadores Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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Track Name: On and Up
By the time I realized she was gone it was mid September
And the leaves had long been dying on the grass
I exercised my demons in the ways that you can see them
In the bars and back offices at night

Me, I've got a song for all occasions
I've got songs of hope and happiness and doubt
But the ones that mean the most are those I wish I'd never wrote
And the people I wish I'd never sung a note about

On and up
I learned from the ways you let me down, but I never learned to stop
And if my dreams they come to me or get left in the dust
From here it's on, on, on, on, and up
Track Name: Someone You Used To Know
I've learned to wait for the things I want
You can't always count on fun
But you took your ticket
And used it as far as you could run

I've suffered my share of heartache
Of young love gone too soon
But none of them had the nerve
To wreck me like you

It was all just a change of your heart
And I guess I played my part

So if you see me out in Los Angeles
It's cause I'm not broken, I'm still chasing down my dreams
And if you hear my voice coming through your radio
You can say its the voice of someone you used to know

Well, with you I threw my doubts to the wind
Just to be beaten again
And after all this time I bet you think you win

But it was all just a fading glance
And it's you who missed your chance


What we learn, it comes on slow
You never know until its over
And your heart bleeds in your hands
But mine beats on, it's not done
And though I'm older
I've still got time

Track Name: Timebomb
My love is like a time bomb
Wind it up, step back, and watch me explode
I've been sleeping on the front lawn
I've been working all night just to get back home

Jesus Christ, she's beautiful
Looks me in the eye like she can save my life
Oh, but I don't think so
I've seen that look one too many times

I've locked myself away for good
Convinced myself a broken heart is the end of the world
But when the morning comes and your darkest night is done
You can still heal it with a song

I've been waiting tables
Paying dues, debts, and biding my time
I'm ready to let go
Disappear into a life that's truly mine


My love is like a time bomb
Wind it up, step back, and watch me explode
I've been sleeping on the front lawn
I've been working all night just to save my soul
Working all night
(Just to save my soul)
I've been driving all night
(Just to save my soul)
I've been drinking all night
(Just to save my soul)
I've been smoking all night
(Just to save my soul)
I've been praying all night
(Just to save my soul)
I've been working so hard just to save my soul
Working so hard just to save my soul

Track Name: Tattoo'd Girls
I used to dream that I was in a bar
Surrounded by tattoo'd girls
They'd listen, I'd learn to play guitar
It'd be like being king of the world

Well, now I play in bars all the time
Where everyone's got a tattoo
And the girl in my arms has got one over her heart
And rarely mentions the other two

Oh, lord you know I love me some tattoo'd girls
Between their ink-stained skin
And their mischievous grins
You know they're giving my head a whirl

Well, you've probably seen them
They're always in the bar down by the railroad tracks
The kind of girls that any man could see
They'll bring you to your knees


I've been hoping and wishing
I've been counting my lucky stars
That some girl will write my name
In some highly conspicuous place

Track Name: Sweet Marie
I would like to read a story
About love and youth
Maybe then I'd know where I started from
And how it took me from you

Well, I used to be a dreamer
I used to count on fate
But I need a second job just to pay my bills
And its hard to keep the faith
Its hard to keep the faith

Oh, sweet Marie let me in
I've been sleeping in the cold, looking for a place to stand
And if you could forgive me for all my many sins
I could try to start again

You mostly thought that I was perfect
I guess that's what spurred me on
But its hard to be so flawless
When you're still so young
We were still so young


Well, it's hard when you're young to know what it is you need
'Til you make your way home to find you're crawling on your knees

Track Name: Child of Summer
I can tell that I'm losing my edge
From too many days stuck staring at the mirror
I wish that I could get away
And have myself an adventure

This busted lip is getting to me
I pray the spring comes soon, and sweeps this whole city
And all the souls like me who've been looking to run
Well, we'll take off our clothes and lay in the sun

Oh, and the days will grow long
Oh, and we'll sing our favorite songs
Oh, and we'll look at the world in wonder
I've always been a child of summer
I've always been a child of summer

Out on the beach we'll drink champagne
And talk to the girls who pass our way
And when the sun goes down, and the night comes on
Well, we'll keep the party going out on the lawn


I was raised on the principal
That the way that you think, it can change the whole world
Well, in December I find it hard to think
But come July I'm on my feet
Come July I'm on my feet

Oh, when the days they grow long
Oh, when we sing our favorite songs
Oh, when we look at the world in wonder
I've always been a child of summer
I've always been a child of summer
Track Name: Wake Me Up, Brother
I saw her first on Thursday
In Brooklyn at the health food store
She had a flower in her hair
And rain stained the dress she wore

And I thought while I'm in town
Why not try and have some fun
And lay down my burden for awhile
It won't always be so easy, I won't ever be so young
And I helped her take her groceries back home

We passed Friday with pictures
Down by the water side
I pose as a tiger
And she takes on a fierce mountain lion

And after my show at night we head back to her home
And end up talking about the people that we've loved
And lying in the dark, I could not escape the thought
There was a reason that's what we'd been talking of

Saturday I started thinking
Maybe she was something I could keep
We never left her apartment
We rarely left the room where she sleeps

And later on the roof, looking out on man's big earth
For once I didn't feel so alone
And for the first time in awhile, I managed to smile
And imagine a place that I could call home

Sunday I came to somewhere on the road to Baltimore
Can you wake me up, brother when we're headed back to New York
Track Name: Crucify Me
Many nights have I lay awake
Dreaming of someone who'd make me feel the way I do now
Now that you're lying here next to me
I can't sleep and I can't breathe at all
Cause you're far too beautiful

Sometimes we all care too much
What other people say and think, we should learn to feel for ourselves
But I'll tell you from experience
Sometime love can hurt just as much as wood and nails

And baby you can crucify me
Any way you please
Baby you can crucify me
And day or this year, month, or week

So, you say there's something missing
But I don't feel it too, I don't what I am to do
So I'll I'll just keep on strumming, humming these little songs of mine
Sometimes its all that gets me through

Track Name: Again
So, you made your way back home
How far'd you come from where you started?
Cause they say you lost your soul
Or bought, sold, bought, sold, and bought it

Was it worth all your time
To tear yourself to shreds and call it growing?
Do you remember who you were
Or have you lost the thirst for even knowing?

Oh, cause I know what its like
To be the one who's left behind
But the only way you'll win
Is to get back up on your feet one more time again

You replaced all your rings
With cigarettes and things you never needed
And with your sunglasses on
You pretend there's nothing wrong, but I can see it