Wylie Hunter & The Cazadores [EP]

by Wylie Hunter & The Cazadores

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released August 5, 2010



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Wylie Hunter & The Cazadores Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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Track Name: Get On Up!
There's cops making deals in the parking lot, baby
Stay inside or we might get shot
These days is feels like this town has gone crazy
Oh well you say we might as well sit it out

Everyone I know is waiting for something
Getting stoned to pass the time
We all hunger, but nobodies hunting
Take your seat you're just along for the ride

Get on up
You gotta make your own salvation
Get on up
Before you drown
Get on up
If you're looking for redemption
Get on up
Off the ground
That's not where redemption is found

Well, I've been looking for something real to believe in
Or somebody who really believes in me
But I'm so tired, so tired of waiting
For this kind of faith to come to be


I'm not gonna let it drag me down
I'm not gonna let it take me

Track Name: A Lot Like Summertime
I wake up early in the morning
Next to the the most beautiful girl I know
Throw some clothes on, grab the guitar
And Turn up the radio

Maybe lately I've been too hard on this world
Maybe everything will be just fine
Cause I've been hating for no damn reason
Maybe all I really need is time
But I think I'm gonna...

Open up the window
And let the world inside
Cause the sun is bright, and the air is fine
It's starting to feel a lot like summertime

Well I've been feeling so much older
Than anyone gives me credit for
But I've got time, so much time
I'm gonna grow to be so much more
But first I gotta...


They tell me don't grow up too fast
I'm waiting to feel grown up at all
Cause as I get older the child inside
Stays alive, but it's trying to hide
Cause this world is cruel
And the golden rule
I can no longer see applied
All I can do is...

Track Name: Jordan
Thursday morning one week after the 4th of July
We wake up early even though we'd been up most the night
I smoke a cigarette do my best to sober up
It's hard to remember how I ever got so stuck

The beautiful blonde girl tosses and turns in my bed
She says her name is Jordan she sounds like the songs I hear in my head
And as the day passes us by we sit on the porch and get high
She makes sure I know she won't be only mine

But then she takes off her clothes
She does what she knows
I wanna tell her I'd be only hers
But every time she turns around I lose my nerve

She says she doesn't wear her glasses out in public anymore
But I wanna tell Jordan she'd be beautiful no matter what she wore
And my friends say don't give it all away they'll be another day
And plenty of other girls coming your way

But then, Jordan strikes a pose
And I let it go
I wanna hear all there is to know
Cause when Jordan smiles there's something hiding below

And now as evening descends
I do my best to pretend
This don't ever have to end
But I know it will, I know it will
And as the world lays down to sleep
I pray that Jordan will stay here with me
And if I gave her my heart to keep
Would she keep it safe
Or carelessly?

But then, she turns on her smile
And my whole world's on fire
I wonder if she slept here every night
Would I ever turn off the lights
Track Name: Always Be Alright
I wish I could change
Say something new and fresh and strange
Find words that would fall upon your ear
As if you didn't know my name
But those days have passed
Among resolutions that never did last
Promises made while we were naked and cold
Look so different in the light of day

I'm trying to let you go
But letting go is more than just words that we know
It's a feeling sometimes so hard to see
Elusive as if I'm chasing your footprints through the snow
But baby I'll be fine
If you understand that it all takes time
And realize that every song I write contains a similar line
I'll just spell it out this time...

I'd give up every home that I've ever known
Sell all the guitars and records I own
I'd work all day, stay up all night
If any of that meant you'd always be alright

Darling take a rest
Admit for once that you don't always know best
Then when the winds of change come blowing in
You can brace against my chest
And let's take a stand
Remembering we're not the usual plan
But what was ever normal about you and I?
It no longer matters who understands


You'll grow old just like everybody else
And when you do could you forgive yourself
If you'd thrown away this love we now know
For some wild nights from long ago

Track Name: Cemetary Lane
Maybe sometime soon we could drive downtown
Sip some coffee and talk about
The big apartments across the street
And how one day we'll live in them

Been having dreams
I'm so scared they won't come true
That I can barely breathe
I don't know how to say it to you, but

I'm afraid that when I grow up
I'll be like them old sailors on the coast
Sitting in the bars by the ocean
Raising their glasses to ghosts
But darling I ain't got nothing to say
About boats or waves or seas
And lately I've been wondering
How much there really is to say about me
I can say one thing I must be free

Well, they've already got my grave marked off
It's sitting in the corner of cemetery lane
They tell me that I'm still young
But anyone can die in vain

But I can't shut this world out
I'm just starting to build the road
And where can any of us be found
When all our silly little things have been sold?
As the line between land and sea
Grows thinner by the day
I gotta know that when I go
They'll be somebody left to say
He did it his way

The sun is rising now
Coming up over Cemetery Hill
Maybe I haven't made it to the top
Maybe I never will
But as I drive away
With the taste of music in my mouth
I know for the rest of my days
I wanna give them something to talk about
And those apartments now they may seem far away
But the talking, let that begin today
It all begins today
Track Name: Sherie
Good God girl you're all put together
Yeah, a blind man could see that that's true
And in this little slice of forever
I've had time to be looking at you

Well, we've been stuck in the same room lately
But we're looking for different doors
And the man that you're sharing this space with
Won't be me if I end up walking through yours

Sherie, Sherie, Sherie
I'm hoping that you can see
I'm not trying to break you
I don't want to shake you from your tree

Well, I've been so many people's fool
And I'm sure you've seen many falls fools for you
But I've been letting go of most of what I've known
And tonight I release you too


Well, the lights go out on King Street
As the bars begin to close
And I start cleaning tables
As you lock all the doors
Sherie, we're finding our way
Not together, far from the same
But I wrote you song on a restaurant napkin
And outside it began to rain

Sherie, Sherie, Sherie
Tell me what you want to be
I'm trying hard not to wake you
From the dream that will take you away from me

Track Name: Never Come Too Soon
Well, I've figured out
That all the lies
And mistakes I've made
Will be paid back in kind
It makes me a little uneasy

Cause I get caught in the day to day
The shouting match
The crazy games I play
And I get lost

But then the night falls down
The night falls down
And it can never come too soon

Well, I locked myself inside this room
Trying to figure out what was missing from this song
You wouldn't believe how long
And all the while out on the street
A girl stands just to feel warm pavement on her feet
And spring is breaking through

And the sun comes out
The sun comes out
And it can never come too soon

It's hard to get what you're looking for in the world out there
It's easy to lose heart or give in to fear
But when I follow through I do believe
It will all just come to me
If it's meant to be

We'll make it out when the time is right
We'll make it out when the time is right
And it can never come too soon